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Management Consulting to Move Your Practice to the Next Level and Beyond

Every accounting practice faces its own unique challenges. These can include stagnant growth, poor profitability, too few clients, and inefficient staff who fail to operate as a team. As such issues escalate, they not only block the potential of the practice, they impact the practice owner’s motivation and quality of life.

In business for over 30 years, Sterling knows the confusions, stress and inefficiencies that can slow down a practice. The Sterling program identifies the exact issues which need to be addressed and remedies them with customized consulting, management courses and regional workshops. We’ve shown thousands of CPAs how to effectively run their practices so they can do the work they love—accounting. Find out more about the Sterling program, click here to order our free “Successful Practice Management” DVD.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying


“For the first time in years, I am looking forward to tax season.”—K.H., CPA

“My Sterling consultant gives me a kick in the butt to get the production statistics up. My consultant doesn’t sugarcoat when my production is down. We have a 45% increase in revenues over last year.”—J.C., CPA

“I value the no-nonsense, pragmatic, honest, non-politically-correct advice I receive. My consultant is wise, experienced and sincere about my success. We’ve had higher revenues and higher profits. I am more relaxed in my business and personal life. I’ve had a tremendous education about running a business, managing people and managing myself.”—D.W., CPA

“I receive consulting to improve the profitable operation of my practice. The Sterling program helps me focus on the things that contribute to the success of my practice. What I value most about having a Sterling consultant is it gives me someone to talk to who keeps me focused. My practice increased by 25% the first year I put your methods in place.”—S.G., CPA

“We get consulting to better our office workings, make operations smoother and work out the kinks. I value the personal attention we get from our consultant and his pretty ‘dead-on’ assessments. We’ve experienced a growth in profit of 1344%!”—J.W., CPA

“Sterling consulting helps me stay focused on what is important in my practice. I structure my consulting appointments so they force me to have my internal accounting pieces completed in advance of my appointment.  Having a consultant is like having a partner that is always objective with no preconceived ideas. My successes from Sterling include peace of mind, sticking up for myself better with clients and employees, increased service offerings from my firm and increases in income.”—S.C., CPA

“My purpose is to create a better-run organization by becoming a better executive.  I value the common sense approach and application of a system that works.  I also value having an unattached third-party who knows our organization and very often gets to the root of issues in an unbiased way. We’ve done a better job of hiring using Sterling’s hiring process. We’ve also improved communications within the office and cut down on inefficiency.”—M.H., CPA

“I get new ideas on how to expand the practice and the monitoring helps us stay on track with our goals. Our consultant is a coach who helps us through transitions and to reach our goals. We have an excellent group of employees due in great part to Sterling’s employee testing and my consultant. We achieve good results by staying on task with Sterling.”—M.S., CPA

“The consultants are on my side and keep me accountable. They are very knowledgeable in the accounting industry and seem to have solutions for almost every issue in my practice. The Sterling program has given me ways to get staff performing better.”—B.W., CPA

“I receive Sterling consulting to increase volume and the bottom line of my business. I value the training materials and workshops. The consultant provides different eyes to see my business and help with solutions. I have gotten rid of many problem employees and have more time to plan for the future needs of the business.”—C.B., EA

“We can identify and act much quicker on staffing problems. We value having someone to bounce ideas off of.  We’ve increased profits and personal payroll as a result.”—L.M., CPA

“Our consultant keeps us focused on the goal. She keeps us mentally sane. From the Sterling program, we were able to see which employees were not productive and obsolete and able to get rid of them. We get the insight and input of an outside consultant on things that we normally do not see or focus on.”—J.M., EA

“The most valuable part of the program is the knowledge and energy of my consultant. She is infectious and makes me try harder to improve. She is easy-going but not a pushover which is exactly what I need. I also like that I can call and just bounce things off her.”—R.K., CPA